Nigerian Actress, Deborah Oguntonyinbo, Pulls Yet Another Stunt

Our very own Nigerian actress Deborah Oguntoyinbo, 26 years old has been arrested in Canada for fraud-related crimes. Oguntoyinbo was arrested when she tried to run away from the apartment she rented with the fraud victim’s money.

Deborah has been discovered to have stolen over 20 identities in the past two years and used the money to purchase luxury things. Nigerians have been the talk of the world, regardless of the bad or good they do.

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Among the bad things that have been portrayed to the world, fraud is the most common factor. Reporters have come across the report of Deborah Oguntoyinbo, a 26-year-old Nigerian lady who was arrested in Canada for fraud-related offenses.

The actress was arrested for stealing identities of over 20 women to commit fraud. According to news reporters, the Nigerian lady, Deborah Oguntonyibo who claims to be an actress has stolen the identities of over 20 people in Toronto over the last two years.

The 26-year-old was arrested after she tried to run away from the apartment in Toronto which was paid with fraud victims money. It is reported that Oguntoyinbo is currently facing over 50 fraud-related crime charges in Toronto and other nearby regions.

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York regional police Sgt, Andy Patterson, described Oguntoyinbo to reporters as a professional fraudster who is very aware of what she is doing. Patterson stated: “She definitely would be considered a professional fraudster, knows what she’s doing and [is] quite prolific.” “She’s really been all over the [Greater Toronto Area]”,

With all that has been said, is she a real actress?

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