AKA Tries To Resurrect His Dying Career Through Burna Boy

Seems like AKA is bitter about Burna's success, now he's using Burna's twitter against him because he will be not performing on the Africans Unite Concert. His career has made a bad downfall, while Burna's career is booming.

Burna Boy has remained silent despite trending for days on Twitter as a result of supposed pay-back fight following the controversy that erupted between South African singer AKA and the Nigerian singer during the last xenophobic attack in SA.

The South African rapper, Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, popularly known as AKA featured Burna Boy on his 2014 track, All Eyes On Me, and it turned out to be a hit.

But both singers missed track on Twitter during the xenophobic attack against Nigerians which attracted condemnation from African countries including Burna Boy who said he will never visit South Africa again and called on the South African government to act accordingly.

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AKA and his followers have poured out a serious threat against Burna Boy stating that they would settle the matter with breaking bottles should Burna Boy attend the peacemaking concert in Pretoria on 23rd November.

Being xenophobic is the same as segregating against other people, so we see no need for the concert as South Africans are yet to embrace unity amongst other African nationals.

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That said, Tweeps comments are suggesting that AKA isn’t happy that he wasn’t included in the concert and maybe looking to get more fame by beefing Burna Boy. While the claim would not be completely trashed, we advise that the South African singer show a little maturity in his ways of settling issues instead of ranting on Twitter.

The row which has left the Nigerian singer trending on Twitter for days finally got AkA AND South Africans demanding an apology from Burna boy before being allowed to perform in SA. But if you ask AKA what he wants an apology for, they’ll say “Burna insulted S.A” But did S.A not insult itself by becoming Xenophobic? If you were Burna Boy, won’t you do the same?

Burna’s silence over the SATwitter ranting calls for accolades!!

This content does not represent the opinion of SurgeZirc Nigeria but that of Ola Femi who submitted it to SurgeZirc Nigeria from Lagos.

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