Cardi B Earned Hearts Of Nigerians During Her Visit

It’s no doubt that Nigerians are fun-loving people who put in their best when it comes to hosting guests and it’s obvious that the Bodak Yellow rapper was well welcomed and enjoyed her short stay in the country.

After it was revealed that the American Grammy-winning artiste would be coming to the country, many expected that she would be full oh herself and would not blend well with fans in the country but it came as a shocked the opposite happened.

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Cardi B went to clubs, danced with celebs, took pictures with her fans, received gifts from them and also promoted the country in good light on her social media page.

According to the 27-year-old rapper, the country reminds her of the Dominican Republic where she is originally from.

Cardi had a very busy and fun time in Nigeria and all that was seen in the videos she posted on her Instagram page.

In one of the videos, the rapper marveled at how lovely and beautiful the city of Lagos is at night and she even compared it to Disney Land.

She posted a picture of herself posing beside Christmas decorations on the streets of Lagos.



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Nights in Nigeria 🇳🇬 @Fashionnova

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She was most likely paid millions to perform in the country and she definitely spent some of those millions on Nigerians.

She went shopping in one of the supermarkets and bought almost everything she could for children at an orphanage in Lagos.

Cardi was also spotted throwing large wads of cash at exotic dancers and fans at the night club.

Recently, SurgeZirc reported that Cardi B was reportedly paid  N1.8 billion for her show in Nigeria and Ghana.

And it was revealed by sources that the two countries budgeted about $2.5m each to secure the 27-year-old’s visit to the countries for her music performance.

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Cardi B’s visit to Nigeria is one of those visits she won’t easily forget. She obviously endeared the hearts of fans and had a time of her time too.

Shortly after going back home, she posted a touching post on Instagram asking to go back to Africa. In a subsequent post, she said she misses Nigeria.


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