Jason Derulo Is Making Serious Cash From Tik Tok

"It is something you can really make a killing off of " .

Jason Derulo is losing his teeth and adding stacks of cash thanks to Tik-Tok. The superstar’s videos have been one of many to get you entertained

The “Swalla” singer made headlines around the world and had a bunch of us worried when he appeared to smash his teeth in after attempting to eat corn on the cob from a spinning drill.

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Jason told TMz that just about anyone can make a killing off the video creation app so long as you create your own space and find your niche.

“It is something you can really make a killing off of “.

He also explained how you don’t have to be a well-known person or prominent figure to start getting your coins, especially during this time.

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“It can be anybody, you don’t necessarily have to be famous or a singer, you can literally be in your own space ”

The star also mentioned that he will be turning things up a notch with his next videos so he can “one-up himself every single time “whatever that means, I guess that’s something to look forward to.

He added that he will be introducing a new character soon, an alter ego… way to Derulo.

“It’s more like a superhero action”

I guess It’s safe to say the “Trumpet” singer has found his calling, a twitter user even suggested that he lets go of music and focus on his videos.

But, Jason mentioned his chat that he isn’t about to turn his back on his music career and revealed that we’ll be hearing “Jason Deruloooo” again, sooner than we think.

“I still have a lot of music that’s out, let’s not forget that…I also have music on the horizon”

In the meantime, I’m guessing we should expect more Tik-Tok content.

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