Could Trump Be The Iceberg That Sinks The Republican Ship

"Put it this way, I am very glad my boss isn't on the ballot this cycle,"

As the 2020 elections approach, many Republican representatives are worried that not only will Trump lose the presidential ballot but he may also cost them their own seats in office.

With an ever-shrinking economy and the Trump administrations inability to prepare the country for the coronavirus pandemic that has so far caused the death of over 100,000 American lives, public opinion polls show the president trailing behind Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden.

His inability to address the current pending issues such as the countries current health pandemic, as well as the economic crunch, has people worried that he may not be the right person to pull them through this crisis.

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According to a report by CNN, one high ranking GOP senate aide went as far as to say:

“Put it this way, I am very glad my boss isn’t on the ballot this cycle,”

The main concern for the Republican party is trying to maintain their 3 seat Senate majority and avoid being casualties of Trump’s dwindling support base as the 2020 elections approach.

Political advisers Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie warned the president about his shrinking support base in some of the swing states with some Republican candidates worried that the president has now become a liability.

Most are now concentrating on maintaining their seat in what may soon be a post-Trump era. Most importantly for their maintaining their majority in Senate should theĀ  Democrats take the White House in November.

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Trump campaign deputy communications director Erin Perrine remains confident in the popularity of the president urging Republicans to unite behind President Trump should they wish to retain their seats as he went on to say:

“Any candidate that wants to win will run with the President,”

“He has the energy, the enthusiasm and the grass roots infrastructure. If you are a candidate you are going to want to be a part of that movement.”

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