Kim Kardashian Applauds Prison Inmates For Mix-Tape

Kim says David and the in-mates should be really proud of themselves and she can't wait for the world to hear the positive message.

Kim Kardashian applauds ex-inmate David Jassy and prison inmates on a mix-tape written, recorded in San Quentin Prison. She says that he is a genius.

The 1-7 Track project dubbed San Quentin mix-tape is set to be released Friday. Kim surprised David with a congratulatory message in admiration of his work, passion, and dedication even whilst behind bars.

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David Jassy is a well known award-winning music producer who wrote and produced for celebrities such as Britney Spears, Sean Kingston, and Ashley Tisdale before being incarcerated and is the mastermind behind the mix-tape.

Jassy said he used a keyboard to make beats in his San Quentin cell and had other inmates share and rap about their stories.

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David did not only impress Kim but also captured many hearts including J.Cole, MC Hammar and Common were among the famous folks who visited San Quentin to give them words of encouragement and ignite hope.

The producer has spent 11 years in prison as part of his sentence for having killed a man during an argument and during his time he has established a music-focused initiative program.

It is revealed that with this initiative he has taught inmates how to write, produce and record their own music in a studio with the help of his contacts in the music industry.

He also used donors to support the program with enough donated audio equipment to build a full-scale production studio inside the prison’s media lab.

Kim says David and the in-mates should be really proud of themselves and she can’t wait for the world to hear the positive message.

David’s sentence was commuted by California Governor Gavin Newsom in March, and while he’s returned to his native Sweden to resume his career, Jassy is not turning his back on San Quentin … he’s still providing beats for the music program … because mix-tapes rarely end with Volume 1.

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