Jennifer Aniston Donates $1 Million To Anti-Racism Charity Amid Protests

With the upsurge in racial tensions in the United States, many celebrities are stepping forth not only raising their voice against racism but also giving financial support to related charities. Joining the list is Hollywood A-lister Jennifer Aniston.

The 51-year old actress quietly made her donation, but a source told the publication: “Like most people, Jen has been deeply affected by what is going on in America and the terrible injustice that people of color experience every day.

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She wanted to show her support and has donated a big sum to the charity she felt resonated with her the most. The link is on her Instagram page, so her fans can also donate.”

Last week, Aniston posted a video of James Baldwin asking “how much time do you want for your progress?” Alongside the video, she wrote: “This week has been heartbreaking for so many reasons. We need to acknowledge that the racism and brutality in this country has been going on for a long time – and it’s NEVER been okay.

“As allies, who want equality and peace, it’s our responsibility to make noise, to demand justice, to educate ourselves on these issues, and more than anything, to spread love. How much more time are we willing to let pass without change? HOW MUCH MORE TIME? Text FLOYD to 55156 and sign the @colorofchange petition to have all four of the officers who killed #GeorgeFloyd arrested.”

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