Joe Biden Explains What Would Happen If Trump Refused To Leave Office

Joe Biden also told Trevor Noah that there have been “so many rank-and-file military personnel saying, ‘Whoa, we’re not a military state. This is not who we are.’” 

Joe Biden spoke on popular speculation among Democrats whether “President Trump will peacefully give up power if he loses November’s election?” while on a late-night comedy show on Wednesday.

Joe Biden told Trevor Noah, the host of “The Daily Show,” that if Trump doesn’t leave office after losing the election, then he’s “absolutely convinced” the U.S. military would step in to assure a transition to a new president.

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“I promise you. I am absolutely convinced they will escort him from the White House with great dispatch,” Biden said while on the interview with the South African presenter.

It’s possible that Joe Biden is so confident after seeing the number of military figures who’ve spoken out publicly against President Trump after he forcefully evacuated peaceful protesters from the Lafayette Square area near the White House to clear a path so he and his entourage could safely walk to St. John’s Episcopal Church on 16th Street, which was partially damaged in unrest over the death of George Floyd.

Democratic President Trump also proposed the idea of deploying U.S. military personnel to stop riots going on around the country, which gained the president more military critics including former Defense Secretary James Mattis, retired four-star Marine Corps Gen. John Allen and former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Joe Biden also told Trevor Noah that there have been “so many rank-and-file military personnel saying, ‘Whoa, we’re not a military state. This is not who we are.’”

According to The Associated Press report, 55 retired military leaders signed a letter last week in support of a Biden presidency.

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However, President Trump seems unshakable by the military critics as he dismissed their criticism, referring to Mattis in a Twitter message as “the world’s most overrated General,” whom he had fun receiving his resignation letter after asking for it.

Trump has frequently enjoyed hearing the Democrats’ worries about the possibility of he leaving office, often joking about serving multiple terms beyond the two allowed under the Constitution’s 22nd Amendment, which was ratified in 1951 in reaction to Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt being elected to four terms. ‘Roosevelt died in 1945 before he could complete his fourth term.’

“Maybe if we really like it a lot, and if things keep going like they’re going — we’ll go and we’ll do what we have to do,” Trump joked during a rally in Pennsylvania in May 2019. “We’ll do a three and a four and a five.”

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