Kardashians And Friends Upset Over Kanye West’s Off-The-Rail Campaign

Another source says there's not much concern that Kanye's comments will adversely affect Kim's businesses since their money is separate and their brands are clearly distinguishable too.

Kanye West’s out of the point campaign on Sunday in North Charleston, South Carolina may not only hurt the musician politically but triggered concern, upset and alarmed many of his friends and the Kardashians…close sources revealed.

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A source revealed that those around Kanye believe Kanye is in desperate need of professional assistance and is in the middle of a serious bipolar episode, but he won’t listen to anyone.

We’re told they also believe Kanye is tanking some of his businesses, that’s, if not all of them, with rants like talking about Harriet Tubman, claiming she did not free slaves. His family and friends know comments like these are the things that cause boycotts.

We also learned that his family is upset that Kanye talked about Kim’s first pregnancy and how they discussed abortion, something he says he wanted. Then he said that Kim might divorce him for saying that, but even if she does, he’d thank her for having North.

It’s also shocking that he mentioned divorce … it’s usually a topic married people don’t say out loud unless it’s been discussed between them. Whether it was or not … between Kanye’s Forbes interview and Sunday’s rally you gotta think it puts a strain on the relationship.

Another source says there’s not much concern that Kanye’s comments will adversely affect Kim’s businesses since their money is separate and their brands are clearly distinguishable too.

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We also learned the Kanye’s family and friends are also upset because they see the singer as a distraction to what is regarded as a very important election.

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