Chuck Schumer Slammed By A Heckler During His Briefing Outside The Capitol: ‘Stop Lying!’

“stop lying to the people!”

Chuck Schumer the Senate Minority Leader slammed by a heckler while doing a live news on Tuesday, outside the U.S. Capitol on the partisan fight over the late Justice Ruth Bider Ginsburg’s Supreme Court Seat. A man shouted, “You aren’t doing s—t.”

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“stop lying to the people!” the heckler continued. “stop lying to the people.”

The other person said, “Jesus saves. Jesus saves. Jesus loves you guys.”

“Thank you”, Schumer responded, he added by saying, “Democrats are fighting as hard as we can to protect Americans, but we need Americans to continue to fight with us.”

“The American people don’t want Republicans to move forward with a confirmation. They know this is wrong.” He added during his briefing outside the U.S. Capitol.

At the time of the interruption, Schumer was criticizing Republicans for their COVID-19 response and discussing the science Transparency over Politics Act, which would create a task force “to report to the public when politics are behind COVID response decisions.”

Schumer also spoke on the Senate floor about the court debate earlier Tuesday, saying, “Because the senate Republicans have no respect for the institution, we won’t have business as usual here in the senate.

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Tensions are ramping up in the senate as Republicans push forward with plans to confirm President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee. Trump stated that he plans to announce his pick at the White House on Saturday.

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