Kris Jenner And Kourtney Kardashian Depressed Over Kim Kardashian Fight

"When the episode airs, all that we've already gone through and worked through our stuff, it brings up old emotions again, it brings up old feelings," she said in a confessional.

Amazing!!! The fights on “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” continues for the family, who has to relive them all over again months later when the show finally airs the footage.

Looking at the physical altercation between Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney, who sparred over Kourtney’s work ethic, or perceived lack thereof. The fight vision aired in April this year episode for Season 18, right now, and just six months later, viewers are finally seeing what it was like for the Kardashians after it was watched on TV.

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“I just wanted to tell you that I watched the episode this morning on the way to shoot today,” Kris Jenner says in the sneak peek for tonight’s new hour while calling Kourtney.

“I just feel really bad and I just wanted to tell you that if …” she continued, beginning to cry, “if you need somebody to talk to, then we should sit down because I just feel really bad.”

That really didn’t go down well with Kourt, who also began to cry over the phone.

“Thank you. I’m fine now, it just was like, everyone was ganging up on me for two f–king years,” she told her mom. “I feel fine now. But like, it’s just such a natural thing in our family, what everyone does, if someone goes any way against what everyone else is doing, it just seems like they just attack.”

Khloe Kardashian overheard the conversation between Kourtney and their mother and said she and Kourt had been “really working our relationship” in the time since the fight and, “before the fight aired, we were really reconnecting, things were better.”

Some of those negative feelings came flooding back after it aired.

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“When the episode airs, all that we’ve already gone through and worked through our stuff, it brings up old emotions again, it brings up old feelings,” she said in a confessional. “It makes me really, really sad to see the divide between all of us. I value Kourtney, I love Kourtney and I want her to feel loved and valued by me too.”

Production really didn’t continue for like a week because Kourtney decided to step back from filming.

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