NFL Network Shows Malik Willis’ Mom At NFL Draft, Though It Wasn’t His Mom

“That’s my grandma,”

Malik Willis, a Liberty University quarterback, was not selected in the first round of the NFL Draft on Thursday, but he did have a memorable moment.

In a tweet, the NFL Network referred to Willis’ companion in Las Vegas as his proud “mom.”

However, it happened that the woman in the frame wasn’t his mom, according to the player, but she is a family member.

“That’s my grandma,” Malik tweeted with laughing emojis.

The NFL Network, of course noted it mistake, but kept its sense of humor, going.

Malik Willis, one of the draft’s top quarterbacks, is now expected to be selected in the second round.

In the last season, Malik threw for 2,857 yards and 27 touchdowns and ran for 878 yards and 13 touchdowns.

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