Anti-abortion Group Criticizes Biden’s ‘Abortion For Any Reason’ Stance

An anti-abortion group called Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America criticized President Joe Biden’s position on abortion, claiming that he opposes any restrictions on the procedure.

The organization cited legislation that the president has backed that would allow abortions for any reason to be performed without any restrictions at all in a thread on Twitter. The group said that media organizations should be more cautious when confronting the president about his exact position on abortion, contrasting the treatment of Biden’s position on abortion with the questioning of Republicans.

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“The American people deserve to know: Is there a SINGLE limit on abortion @JoeBiden supports?” the organization asked. “So far, the answer is no,” SBA Pro-Life America continued. ” @POTUS Biden vowed to sign the alleged Women’s Health Protection Act, which would arrange early termination under any condition — even sex-particular fetus removals — and permit abortionists to *set their own limits*.”

“Biden also supports the long-expired ERA which would codify a so-called “right” to no-limits abortion into law,” it added. “The majority of Americans oppose these extremist policies.”

The association proceeded to post instances of CNN grilling former VP Mike Pence and previous Joined Countries Diplomat Nikki Haley on their stances on abortion. It contended that how questions were stated to the up-and-comers, saying that Biden upheld limitations on fetus removal at “the point of viability” was untrue, as “viability” is a sloppy term and Biden doesn’t seem to have ahown support for any abortion restrictions.

“Democrats have denied over and over to name *even ONE limit* on abortion they’d support,” SBA Pro-Life America said. ” Voters deserve an answer.”

Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, suggested that CNN was working with the Biden administration to cover for its stance on abortion. Other anti-abortion activists also questioned the treatment of Biden’s stance on abortion.

Hawkins tweeted, along with a White House statement supporting the Women’s Health Protection Act, which would eliminate all restrictions on abortion, “Is @CNN working with the Biden Admin to confuse voters and make it seem like Joe’s abortion positions are moderate, when in reality they are extreme and allow for abortions in all 9 months,”

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