Biden Responds To Trump’s Call For An Immediate Presidential Debate

"Immediately? Well, if I were him, I'd want to debate me, too. He's got nothing else to do."

Biden Responds To Trump's Call For An Immediate Presidential Debate - SurgeZirc
Biden Responds To Trump's Call For An Immediate Presidential Debate.

President Biden responded to former President Trump’s challenge for an “immediate” debate on Monday. During a radio appearance with conservative commentator Dan Bongino, Trump expressed his belief that a debate would be beneficial for the country. Biden was asked about Trump’s comments later that day while campaigning in Nevada.

Biden’s response to the suggestion of an immediate debate was laced with a touch of sarcasm. He stated, “Immediately? Well, if I were him, I’d want to debate me, too. He’s got nothing else to do.” This remark highlighted Biden’s confidence in his ability to engage in a debate with Trump.

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However, the outlook for general election debates remains uncertain. The Republican National Committee withdrew from the Commission on Presidential Debates in 2022, citing concerns about bias. Trump himself has criticized the organization, calling it “corrupt” and accusing it of leaning towards the Democratic Party.

Despite his reservations about the commission, Trump expressed his willingness to participate in multiple debates, even if organized by them. He stated, “I’ll do as many debates as they want. I’d do a debate every night with this guy. But he’ll never show up to a debate.”

Trump’s newfound willingness to debate comes after he previously rejected calls to debate his challengers in the GOP primary race. While Trump abstained from participating in those debates, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, the sole remaining challenger, engaged in multiple debates with other candidates.

Trump and his campaign justified his absence from the primary debates by citing his significant lead in GOP polls. They argued that there was no obligation for him to engage with distant challengers. However, the situation is different now that Trump is facing Biden in the general election.

The Commission on Presidential Debates has already scheduled three general election debates, but neither Trump nor Biden have publicly agreed to them yet. These debates are set to take place on September 16 at Texas State University in San Marcos, October 1 at Virginia State University in Petersburg, and October 9 at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City.

As the election approaches, the possibility of these debates taking place will be closely watched. The debates provide an opportunity for the candidates to present their policies and engage in a direct exchange of ideas. They play a crucial role in informing the voters and shaping public opinion.

While the political landscape remains uncertain, the prospect of a presidential debate between Biden and Trump has the potential to be a significant event in the 2022 election cycle. The American public will be eagerly awaiting further developments on this front.

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