Emir Muhammad Sanusi II Has Condemned The Abduction Of Children

Emir Muhammad Sanusi II has condemned the abduction of children from Kano to Anambra. Emir stated that he contacted the Obi of Onitsha on the above matter and has been monitoring the progress since the news of the abduction broke.

He also stated that parents must not be declared free from guilt and responsibility of rising  their children. Muhammad Sanusi II, Emir of Kano has reacted to the abduction of children from Kano to Anambra state. Speaking at the public awareness campaign organized by League for Societal Protection Against Drug Abuse (LESPADA) in Kano, Sanusi stated that he had contacted the Obi of Onitsha on the matter at hand and has been monitoring the progress since the news broke.A warning was send out that no tribe should be blamed for the children’s abduction, Sanusi said it is important to figure out how the children were abducted.

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“If you think it is not our negligence, go to Onitsha and attempt to kidnap their children and see if they are that careless. We must change our ways of thinking and stop blaming others for the social problems of our society,” Sanusi stated. Saying that parents must  take responsibility of their children, the Emir said the importance of child upbringing cannot be over emphasized.

“I am not saying the kidnappers are not guilty of their offences before I would be misunderstood and misquoted, but what I am saying is that parents must be alive to their responsibility of children upbringing,” he said. Meanwhile, online reporters recently reported that two children between the age of two and four years were rescued by the Anambra Police command from suspected kidnappers.

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The Anambra Police spokesperson, Haruna Mohammed, said three women were arrested in connection to the children’s abduction.

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