WTF!!! Actress Sylvia Ukaatu Supports Patriarchy

Sylvia Ukaatu, Nollywood actress shared her thoughts on social media about women and marriage, the important role of a man in a woman’s life.

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In a century where the call for gender equality has become louder and taken serious,and many people are beginning to see the importance of it, then appears that there’s still people out there who believe and support the power that patriarchy holds, and they remain unapologetic about it. For a women to support patriarchy it’s a disgrace!!! Ukaatu left many people shocked when she posted on her Instagram the need for a woman to settle down and the importance of men in their lives.

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In her own words: “We (women) are not complete without a man, get yourself a shield over you even if it takes being someone’s 2nd ,3rd.women be married. For the records we all are not destined to be someone’s first…. Don’t be deceived on hope until time eludes you”.Her post received numerous reactions from social media followers and users, many of them spared no words in criticizing her for holding such an opinion.

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