An 82-Year-Old Granny Beats Up A Burglar At Her House

 A home burglar recently met his waterloo after breaking into the home of an 82-year-old granny. Willie Murphy, the aged woman who’s an award-winning bodybuilder gave the burglar a beating of his life.

Granny Murphy managed to handle the situation before the police arrived. In this unforeseen event, the 82-year-old granny left many surprised, after she shared her story of how she handled an intruder that tried to break into her home, in Rochester, New York.

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According to online repoters the granny, Willie Murphy said she was getting ready to retire for the day when she heard someone pounding at her door, and begging her to help him place a call to an ambulance service.

To be on the safe side, Murphy explained that she placed a call to the police and held back on opening the door for the man then the man ran out of patience and broke the door of her house.

Not knowing. Murphy was not just a soft and fragile granny. She’s an award-winning bodybuilder who still works out on a daily basis.

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Granny Murphy said she used a barrage of household items to attack the intruder and prevented him from getting into her apartment.

She furthermore explained that she started by throwing her table at the burglar. “I took that table and I went to working on him,” she stated. “And guess what? The table broke.” Granny said she used the legs of the table to hit him and she didn’t stop there.

She ran into her kitchen, took shampoo and squirted it on his face while he struggled to make it back on his feet. Granny, however, whacked him some more with a broom.

Seeing that he evidently chose the wrong house to rub, the intruder was ready to flee from Murphy’s house.

“He wants to get the heck out of there. And I’m trying to help him get out of the house, but he’s too heavy. I can’t move him. He’s dead weight,” she stated.

Fortunately, the cops arrived in response to the disturbing call Granny Murphy had made earlier on.

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