Joe Akpan – There’s Nothing Flawless About Tacha With ‘Stretch Marks’ All Over

Don't get it twisted, I'm not promoting Mercy Eke, I'm not her fan and I can't remember meeting her anywhere before, but at least she won the BBNaija reality show contest and took home the trophy and so should be celebrated.

It’s amazing how some jobless Twitter users and clueless fans called ”Titans” decided to make Tacha famous after she was disqualified from the last edition of Big Brother Naija reality show following her misbehaviour that led to the disqualification.

For the records, My name is Joe Akpan, from Akwa-Ibom State. I’m personally looking for the value that’s attached to Tacha that should make her trend every day on Twitter. Seeing video clips of mature men and women struggling and waiting under an intense sun just to see Tacha leaves me bordered.

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At least Tacha didn’t win the BBNaija reality show, Mercy Eke did. So why is she being celebrated – what trophy did she win??

The most disturbing part of it all is when she trends with the #FlawlessTacha. I say what!! In fact, seeing ”hashtag flawless Tacha” simply reveals how clueless and jobless the so-called Tacha Titans are. Simply going through this lady’s gallery on Instagram will put you off the overblown hypes.

First, I listened to an address she made struggling with English after she left BBNaija house, the ”hello world, hello Nigeria address”, okay lets over that as she in the same video acknowledged being human who’s bound to make mistakes. But what about modelling stretch-marks on her breast?

Joe Akpan - There's Nothing Flawless About Tacha With 'Stretch Marks' All Over - SurgeZirc NG
Ex-bbnaija contestant Tacha

No, lets talk about ”flawless Tacha”, is the low self-esteem of her breast not bad enough to erase the word ”flawless” when addressing Tacha? Common guys, we’ve got to pave way for excellence alone to strive.

Don’t get it twisted, I’m not promoting Mercy Eke, I’m not her fan and I can’t remember meeting her anywhere before, but at least she won the BBNaija reality show contest and took home the trophy and so should be celebrated.

Now both media and brands have turned to Tacha not because she’s unique but because she constantly trends, and the media and brands want the number to boost their accounts so they’ll go with the trend. It’s ridiculous how negativity sales fast.

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Those who celebrate Mercy Eke in my opinion and in the real sense celebrates a true figure who went, saw and conquered, not Tacha.

Finally, I watched this video of her appreciating her fans and I heard ”hey Titans, how’re you all doing…hope you people is good” Immediately I put off my light and went to bed. Just couldn’t continue. ”Which kind English be dat…na wetin sef!??

Okay, watch the video below…before she removes it.

Joe Akpan is a fitness coach and a choreography dance instructor who’s based in the United States of America.

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