Killer Of Odunukwe, Fireman Generators Owner, Blames ‘Lust For Money’

“The second is the case of Jude Efulue, a property developer in Abuja, whom he held captive in an apartment and forced him to sign a document transferring the ownership of the victim’s property to him.

The killer of Ignatius Odunukwe, 42-year-old Bob Ibeaji, who’s the leader of a four-man gang has confessed on Tuesday that the lust for money lured him to murder the businessman.

Bob Ibeaji, who is arguably a medical doctor, made the statement to newsmen during the parade of the suspects at the Zone 2 Command, Onikan, in Lagos State, Nigeria.

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“Unnecessary lust for money and my greed for immaterial things clouded my judgement and made me commit the crime.

“I told him I was interested in the property and I think he ( the deceased) had a function in Abuja at that time so we were able to meet once in the city.

“We later met again at Artican Beach Resort, Ajah in Lagos State, on Dec. 1, 2019, where we discussed after which I murdered him with the help of two of my gang members,” Ibeaji said.

The News Agency of Nigeria(NAN) said in a statement that Ibeaji was the leader of a four-man gang that includes: Solomon Cletus, 30, Arinze Igwe, 26, and Israel Obigaremu, 35.

NAN also reveal that the late Odunukwe was a renowned billionaire from Anambra who was into property development and the owner of Fireman Generators.

Ibeaji revealed that he and Cletus met when he was remanded at Kuje Prison, Abuja. They both discussed the deal and agreed to proceed.

“I lured Odunukwe into my hotel room through an N900million business deal I was pretending to go along with.

“With the help of Igwe and Cletus, I was able to distract him and hit him on the head using the butt of an axe.

“After then, I injected him twice with shots from a lethal injection. His body was later cut into pieces and dumped somewhere at Ogunbo Forest, in Ajah,” he said.

The exhumed remains of Odunukwe’s body was found in a Ghana-Must-Go bag.

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Why Cletus accepted to join the plan

Cletus revealed that he accepted to support the evil plan after they met at the prison because he promised to give him a N2 million loan.

According to Ibeaji, Igwe, who was a staff member of the resort was in charge of navigating the culprits’ successful exit from the hotel since he has a good knowledge of premises layout.

Meanwhile, Israel Obigaremu, an Uber driver, denied being part of the plan and execution of chief Odunukwe as he got involved only because he allowed Arinze to park the deceased car in his compound.

He also claimed that Arinze is used to giving him transportation jobs for his clients that lodged in the hotel and that was how he met and drove Ibeaji around town.

“Arinze brought the victim’s car to my compound and told me that the car belonged to his boss who had travelled and he promised to come to pick it up the next day.

“I do not know anything about the killing. I was home sleeping when Arinze brought the vehicle to be parked in my compound,” Obigaremu said.

Ibeaji is a confirmed killer

The Assistant Inspector-General of Police, AIG Ahmed Iliyasu of Zone 2 Command, Onikan, revealed to journalists during the parade that two similar cases had been linked to Ibeaji in the past.

“The first was that of a civil commissioner in Bayelsa State, where one Depologa was murdered and his remains found where it dumped along the Abuja Expressway.

“The second is the case of Jude Efulue, a property developer in Abuja, whom he held captive in an apartment and forced him to sign a document transferring the ownership of the victim’s property to him.

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“He almost killed Efulue but the intervention of Efulue’s neighbour led to Ibeaji’s apprehension by the police which landed him in Kuje Prison,” the AIG said.

Mr Iliyasu, however, advised the public to be careful of what they post online and stop revealing too much information about themselves on social media.

“There is a sophisticated dimension that has been introduced into cybercrime and the only way out is to abstain from flaunting one’s achievements and wealth on the social media,” he said.

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