Body Shaming And Why It Is Destroying Our Society

It’s important to add in the “healthily” bit because there are millions of people out there who’ve resorted to unhealthy ways in which to either gain, lose or maintain weight.

I’m sure you all must have read about singer/songwriter Adele’s staggering weight loss recently and honestly, kudos to her if she did healthily! I feel it necessary to write this post today and whether you are fat, skinny, blue, purple, or orange; this has no ill intention towards you.

Seeing people succeed in their body goals is always a joyous occasion – as long as they’ve done so healthily.

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It’s important to add in the “healthily” bit because there are millions of people out there who’ve resorted to unhealthy ways in which to either gain, lose or maintain weight. Often times this isn’t based on a self-made choice, but rather on the unwanted comments that are made in passing by people who shouldn’t even matter anyway.

As a society, we’ve come to the conclusion that if you’re not curvy in the right areas and flat in the others, then you’re simply not beautiful at all. How shallow of us! We’ve created this norm of the perfect female body, complete with pouty lips and large eyes.

To the gentlemen reading this, don’t think you’ve been left out because you’re just as included in this as women are. In your unrealistic societal demands, you’re meant to be tall with abs hard enough to bounce a penny on.

This has got to be a cruel joke, surely? Unfortunately, it’s not. It’s a sad and pitiful joke, to say the least. From a young age, we are brought up to believe that the people we saw in magazines are who we should aspire to be. We are told that if we don’t fit this description, we simply don’t cut it in life.

As a woman who has struggled with her weight for all of her life and who has been the butt of every bully’s joke in high school, I can say that I know exactly what you’re going through. Sometimes, you just don’t feel good enough or wanted because of all the remarks that friends, enemies, and sometimes even family members make in passing.

It’s depressing and often times it worsens our view of our own body. It is utterly stupid that our body can impact a person who doesn’t even know the goodness in our hearts or intellect in our minds, to such an extent that they feel it necessary to say something cruel and pass it off as a mere observation or joke.

Body shaming is disgusting. In all shapes and all forms. It hinders the signs of humanity that we see in a world as gloomy as ours.

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I’ve only just begun to love my body again because I’ve only just begun to stop caring about what other people think of me. It’s my opinion that matters to me, and only mine. You are the owner of your skin and the creator of your own happiness; rather not let a bucket of water sink the whole ship – scoop it out and continue on your journey.

After all, is fat or skinny really the worst thing a person could be? What about vindictive, manipulative, arrogant, or downright evil?

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