St. Louis Post-Dispatch Calls Trump Out On Obama Lie

“We inherited a broken, terrible system …,”

St. Louis Post-Dispatch called President Donald Trump out on a ‘lie’ as he tried to blame the Obama administration for the poor response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Trump claimed that his predecessor had left him without the tools and financial means to battle the COVID-19 which is what led to the high surge in America which has taken the country to the 100,000 death toll mark.

The president stated that “The last administration left us nothing,” as he tried to pass on blame and criticise the Obama’s administration.

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Trump told reporters in April that “We inherited a broken, terrible system …,” as he was criticized for his administration’s poor response, adding that

“Our cupboards were bare. We had very little in our stockpile.”

Obama left the Trump administration with all the tools they required to handle any crisis they may encounter but systematically ate away at the various health budgets.

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, former president Obama had left Trump with $612 million for “pandemic preparedness” of which the current president requested $102.9 million cut from the budget.

It is reported that all in all, President Trump was looking to reduce the ‘overall public health preparedness and response outlay’ by $595.5 million.

This according to the Dispatch is the real reason that the nation was so ill-prepared to handle the coronavirus pandemic when it occurred.

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Even as the country continues to experience high rates of infection of around 20,000 new cases per day, the president is still keen to reopen the nation for business against public outcry.

It is true that the economy has taken a severe blow due to the shutdown but with such high mortality rates one would assume that the health and safety of the citizens would be of top priority to the president.

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