Cardi B’s Daughter Kulture Follows Mommy’s Footsteps

Cardi gave fans a sneak peak of what her little girl Kulture would look like being a boss Emcee one day,showing an Instragram video of her 22 month old holding a mic up to her mouth.

Cardi B’s daughter Kulture looks ready to follow in her mommy’s footsteps with a mic in her hand. It’s no surprise that they might have a little star

Kulture might drop some bars and show y’all how It’s done, the famous rapper’s mini-me looked like she was about to put some verses in a video holding onto a microphone as mommy beamed with pride.

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The not-so-little girl anymore is growing up in a household with two talented rap artists so It won’t be much a surprise If she grows up inheriting the same skills.

Cardi gave fans a sneak peek of what her little girl Kulture would look like being a boss Emcee one day, showing an Instagram video of her 22-month-old holding a mic up to her mouth.

She captioned the video: “I love her so much” as her mini-me reached for the mic with both hands and appeared to be talking it, unfortunately, the video did not have any sound so people could not make out what she had to say.

But one thing for sure, Kulture definitely got a huge voice just like her mama, as Cardi had shown us in her past videos that her baby girl has a big set of lungs.

In one of the videos she shared previously, Kulture let out laughing but booming “NOOOOO” while playing around with her mom.  

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She has proved to be a little icon in the making thanks to so many adorable videos that Cardi has shared with her baby girl. She’s precious, funny, has a huge personality and she’s not even two yet. Watch out world.

The “Bodak Yellow ” rapper looked snatched in a purple knit bikini top that she paired with a shoulder-length bubblegum pink wig for the video.

Kulture on the other hand wore a black and white printed t-shirt and her mommy styled her up with some cute bling.

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