Scotts Disick Believes Him & Sofia Will Get Back Together

Scott Disick "truly believes"he and Sofia Richie will get back together .

Scott Disick “truly believes”he and Sofia Richie will get back together .He says he will do whatever It takes to be with her again

Sofia and Scott recently gone their separate ways for now because he has been working and dealing with his past traumas so much that he hasn’t had time for his relationship.

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It is revealed that Scott is willing to put in the work to win back Sofia’s heart and is determined to take the necessary steps to become the man she fell in-love with nearly three years ago.

“Scott has mixed emotions right now.He truly believes that he will get Sofia back but he understands the work he has to do for himself before any of that happens” A source said.

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The insider also further explained that It’s been a tough couple of weeks and months for Scott that he wasn’t able to focus on Sofia.

“Being locked down in quarantine since mid March had been tough for Scott.It forced him to deal with unresolved pain of loosing both his parents at a young age and he even briefly entered rehab to address his suffering “

As we have previously reported,Scott took the decision to check himself into rehab but immediately had to leave and go home after his privacy was breached as photos of him inside of the facility were taken.

The news about his split with his girlfriend became news when Sofia didn’t publicly wish Scott a Happy Birthday on May 26, which raised suspicions and fans noticed that the couple had not be seen together since their trip to the Malibu beach in April 25.

“He really wants to get into the person she fell in-love is with in the first place,he’s determined to take it one step at a time and whatever happens in the future with Sofia he knows It will be the best “

Sofia and Scott have not publicly commented on their relationship status, however a source said “It’s an open secret that they’re on a break “

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