Microsoft Co-Founder Mourns The Death Of His Father, Bill Gates Sr.

“My father’s death is a tremendous loss for our family and the many people whose lives he touched."

William Henry Gates, better known as Bill Gates Sr., passed away on Monday at his beach home on Hood Canal in Washington State. He died aged 94 and had been suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, broke the news of his father’s death on Tuesday through his Instagram. “Dad lived a long and enormously meaningful life. I never stopped learning from his wisdom, kindness, and humility,” he wrote with gratitude.

“Melinda and I owe him a special debt because his commitment to serving the community and the world helped inspire our philanthropy,” he added.

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The proud son went on to share how proud he is of all the lessons he learnt from his father. “My father’s compassion and generosity will live on in the foundation he helped build, my dad was the real Bill Gates. He was all the things I strive to be.”

Bill Gates Sr. was the founder of the law firm Shidler McBroom & Gates, and also served as the president of both the Seattle king country and Washington State Bar association.

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He was involved in building the charity known as The Bill Gates & Melinda Gates foundation which was established to strengthen healthcare and lower extreme poverty, globally, while in his country it was to develop educational endeavors and provide universal access to technology.

By Andile Sindani

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