Alexandra Adams Is The First Deaf And Blind Doctor

A 25-year-old, Alexandra Adams, who is in her fourth year in medical school, is about to become the first deaf and blind doctor.

Alexander stated that her colleagues doubt her abilities to practice even though patients’ comments have been encouraging.

She also spoke about how she was sent back home from her first hospital placement because the senior doctor did not believe that anyone will need her service.

Even though reactions from many patients have been motivating, still her colleagues had great doubts about her abilities.

“It was on my first day of placement, a senior doctor came up to me and said ‘Imagine you’re a patient, would you want a disabled doctor treating you? Absolutely not”

“And then they sent me home, sent me home on my first day. It’s meant to be the most exciting day of medical school, but it was my most disappointing,” she said.

In addition, Alexandra said, she will not allow what others think about her to discourage her or make her cry as that will not do anything good for her, even though she won’t become a neurosurgeon due to her eyesight, she can function in many areas that require more than drugs, blood tests, and scans.

“I’m obviously not going to be a neurosurgeon, I’m registered blind. But there are so many things I can do “Because I’ve had a lot of emotional challenges, I can see the perspective of life and it’s so much more than the dru*gs and the blood tests and the scans,” she said.

Alexandra will never allow anything to stand in her way of success and doing what she loves.
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