Nigerian Graduate Thanks God For Making It Possible For Her

A Nigerian graduate identified as Agu Evelyn has given thanks to God after she finally graduated. Evelyn thanked God that she was able to graduate despite the difficulties she faced.

The young lady narrated how she was able to pay for her fees. In an interview with online reporters, Evelyn revealed that she decided to thank God after all the difficulties she faced during her studies.

She also explained that her aunt tried to discourage her from going to school and advised her to get married instead. Evelyn stated that her aunt always told her that she was wasting her time.


But, instead her aunt’s words gave her the courage to keep going and she applied for a job to pay for her fees. Working for a better tomorrow.

She also thanked her ex-boyfriend for always supporting and encouraging her, stated that it is unfortunate that they broke up on the day she got her admission letter. She said: “And to my ex. I want to thank you in a special way,”

“u are a good man and meant well for me from the start, but what will be, will be. You made me believe in myself when I lost all hopes of returning to finish up my HND programs, I told you I won’t be going back for my HND because my ND days were very tough.”

“But you said I will train you in school this time, we are in this together, if u don’t graduate and serve, I won’t marry u,u know my family. It’s quite unfortunate that the same day I received my admission letter was the same day I received a breakup msg from u.”

“what’s my offense? I’m from Ebonyi state and my parents are poor. She said: “First of all, I want to thank God Almighty for making it possible.”

“God Almighty who has wiped out tears, pain, and shame from our eyes, I say thank you baba. And aunty ur hate speeches gave me motivations and that’s why I’m a graduate today.”


“In 2014 I came to u to give u the good news that I gained admission and I will be leaving for school next week, and you said to me stop allowing ur mother to deceive u, go and get married like your cousins (her daughters),

“you and ur mother should stop this YEYE GRA GRA, there’s no money and nobody to train u in school. I never forgot any of these words till today and I kept praying about it too, back in school, I applied for the post of a waitress in a nearby hotel and got the job, with that I was able to help my mum foot some of my bills in school.”

“Today I’m the first graduate of Agu family. THANKS, AUNT….. YEYE GRAGRA DON PAY.”
Evelyn also thanked her family and appreciated them for their support. She revealed that she’s the first person to graduate in her family.



She said: “Lastly to my family, my dearest siblings, thank you so much, I hope I made you proud, I really appreciate the time, energy and support you all have put together to take me to this level. Mum, I can’t be less proud of you,”

“God is faithful and that’s why he has blessed you with two graduates the same year. Dad, you are the first to produce a graduate in your family and two at a time, mine today and my bro next week, accountant and biotechnologist. My God of impossibilities made possible… Nara otito.”

Evelyn is one of the young African women who see the importance of education, who believe that your past and background does not determine your future.

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