Professor Soyinka Criticized Nigerians Who Seek Medical Help Abroad


Professor Wole Soyinka has criticized Nigerians running abroad for medical treatment. He stated that it is a shame that people travel abroad to seek treatment when technology is available in Nigeria.


Also, he said to revive himself whenever he felt sluggish, he takes a walk or goes hunting. It amazing how Nigerians travel abroad to seek medical treatment while they have their resources.

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Professor has insisted that he sees no reason why people would have to go as far as Canada, Europe for treatment available in Nigeria.

He also spoke about his battle with prostate cancer. “The options, I compared to other treatment I know about and I have seen in operation.”

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“And I don’t see why that kind of treatment or similar treatment should not be available. I don’t understand why there should not be a choice”

.“I don’t see why people have to go to Canada, Europe to receive treatment which is affordable in this nation, it is a shame.” He said.

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Furthermore, He also revealed what he does to improve his health and according to him, he doesn’t go to the gym to exercise and he doesn’t jog.

“But I believe that my normal active life is more than sufficient. At least, if I feel sluggish, I take a walk. If I feel very very sluggish, I take my gun and go in the bush and go hunting, not all theses artificial skyscrapers reaching towards nowhere. That is not my idea of home.”

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