Karl-Anthony Towns Rescues Girlfriend Jordyn Woods Amid Surgery Attack

Karl-Anthony Towns Rescues Girlfriend Jordyn Woods Amid Surgery Attack - SurgeZirc US
Karl-Anthony Towns Rescues Girlfriend Jordyn Woods Amid Surgery Attack / Photo credit: Instagram

Jordyn Woods, 23, was recently met with backlash from followers who believe her beauty has been under the knife and thus shouldn’t be giving fitness advice to the average joe while reflecting on her health and weight loss journey.

Jordyn Woods’ boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns, on the other hand, is speaking out in her defense, claiming that Woods’ new physique is the result of “hard work” rather than surgery.

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“Are we saying that women can’t work hard and transform their bodies?? I’ve SEEN the hard work and I’ve seen the results and trust me, this is all natural,” Karl-Anthony Towns, 25, said of his sweetheart in a series of tweets.

It didn’t end there, he continued, “Since she was 10 years old, people been calling this woman vile things because of her weight and instead of letting the Internet run her life, she went out the put the damn work in and changed her whole life. FITNESS SAVED HER LIFE!”

Jordyn Woods was chastised after she shared a before-and-after photo of herself to promote her fitness app, FrstPlace.


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“I got this photo sent to me by the @frst.place team and I look back and have to realize I came a long way and it didn’t happen overnight! I can’t even believe I’m posting this but this is really me and this is my journey. Hopefully this can inspire some of you! It all started with a lot of mental and emotional work and the physical came with it. We all start somewhere,” she captioned the photo.

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Jordyn Woods was immediately attacked with accusations of having had plastic surgery to perfect her look, meanwhile Towns was very close and quickly come to her defense.

“To the people who have these Twitter fingers that make other people feel bad so they can feel better about themselves, I’m gonna respond to ya hate with love because THAT’S WHAT JORDYN WANTS TO PROMOTE……LOVE,” Towns commented on Twitter.

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“my Girl, my Queen, my Rock, my everything” before adding, “I could write a book about why this world needs more people like YOU. Whatever false narratives they’ve tried to paint you in, (incredibly false narratives I would like to add) the next generation is so lucky to have you as a role model,” the loverboy added to his love praise song to Jordyn.

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